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Valentina's Bio

She is juornalist,provide material reading, artist and Explorer. She is Venezuelan born in Caracas city in 1954. Their parents were Tony Quintero and Ana De Quintero. Valentina is third about 5 bros: Cristobal, Susana, Ines and Antonio.

Since she was very young, she begun her education in San Jose College which she got in 1972 the bachelor tittle in a human science, there she is distinguised by obtainind good qualifications and for be disciplined.

By the same year , Valentina goes to UCAB and there she met to her first love who will get married during her first study year. She got a certificate in Audiovisual Comunicationin 1976.

Days later from her graduation she got a schoolarship called Mariscal de Ayacucho and she took the advantage of going to Boston University and there making a Master, and in B.U she got a diploma on Educative Tecnology.

In 1981 Valentina come back to Venezuela and she begin to work in National Library teaching to read, she did it during 7 years. She met to Elizabet Flores and begin to write a book called Inactivity Handbook. In 1986 they are still working together.

Handbook Ociosidades while it grew Capital Radio in 1990. In 1992 Elizabeth and she started to do "brazen," their night therapy that became afternoon y sólo sabatina. and Saturday only. Now she is in Union Radio with three programs: "Everywhere," recorded with Arianna and airs on weekends on many radio stations nationwide, "Road Stories" with Miguel Delgado Estévez is air since May Onda 2005, in the national schedule, and again from February 2006 to work with Elizabeth Fuentes making "frivolous" by Onda. She worked in advertising for some time only to discover that most would not ever, unless it is included, of course, that's another thing.

Her first foray into television was Valentina TV, CMT channel 51 when it opened. Was short lived, as it came down with Bancor in the banking debacle. Militante happy she went to the anniversary celebration of The National in 1994 to seek work. She got a wedge for the radio program and I found Carlos Oteiza. Weekly lunch together and presenting the draft Log in RCTV.

In November 1994 andalusia Bitácora departs Sunday RCTV air once a month and since then the program has grown, from 2006 no longer comes out of season but is continuous throughout the year. The best thing was to start doing television to 40 years. Nobody could call her a hembrón, despite the plans that she made from the 20, but she always found the will. What they seek is to maintain a certain aesthetic and other rioja rioja offset by her charm. Bitácora already completed 12 years of total commitment to the country. In 1996 came the first edition of "Guide Valentina Quintero" and was what she call a bestseller. The same happened with the release of 98-99, 2000-2001, 2002-2003, 2004-2005 and, most recently, 2006-2007, in full color, with photographs, maps, and a new design. Log Pellines Bishop won the award in 1996, the National Journalism Award in 1997 and the Dos de Oro in 2001. Handbook Ociosidades continues in El Nacional, but now all in their Sunday magazine on Sunday. Además, en el cuerpo de turismo de El Nacional estoy escribiendo "Los Viajes de Valentina" desde mayo de 2005. Moreover, in the body of the National Tourism'm typing "Valentina's Travels" since May 2005. every day, Elizabeth Fuentes, in frivolous. At first it was 11:30 to 12:30 p.m., but in 2007 we start with 2 hours, 3 to 5pm, and much success.

Transhumant life led hers to associate with Lia Ungaro, her dear comadre to open "El Tarantin de Valentina, a restaurant which offered the most delicious food of Venezuela and the wonders of which sold all over the country: cassava, papelón, jams, sweets, spicy, cheese, cream, antipasti and desserts of the most famous national pastrycooks. Caracas wanted to enjoy the flavors of the country that they recommended. In October 2006 they had to close because we asked the local. Was a success and a unique experience of direct contact with the public, I learned that slavery is a restaurant and she is deeply sympathetic to the Pelona on sites she visit. For the moment she doesn´t have no plans to open another Tarantino. Life will tell.

Bitacora's Path

In this new season, Bitácora offers 28 new programs, maintaining its schedule Sunday, 11 am to 11:30 a.m. and diversity of destinations. Programming privileged adventure tourism.
Bitácora’s stellar pahts combine options jungle, savannah, mountains and coastline, offering a variety of extreme activities to viewers, as well as special programs in which we remember our ten years long.

Bitacora with Valentina Quintero

In its tenth year on the air, Bitacora goes deep in our country, in those places we all want to know and only Valentina and his boys can show us. Because Valentina's passion for capturing the beauty of our amazing Country, Bitacora has become an indisputable reference when we made tourism in Venezuela. With a single format on Venezuelan television that mixes the information with a dynamic audiovisual language, cameras indiscreet, attractive frames and following the latest trends in real TV, Bitacora invites us once again to make conscious and ecological tourism within our borders. This is an invitation to a journey full of emotions and unexplored places, which will undoubtedly be full of success for products and services that continue to accompany us to trace Bitacora paths in Venezuela.